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Caesarean sections, or C-sections, are surgical procedures performed on animals to safely deliver offspring when natural birth is not possible or poses risks to the mother or babies. It's a similar procedure to human C-sections and involves making incisions in the abdomen and uterus to remove the babies safely. Some breeds 


C-sections require expertise, careful monitoring, and postoperative care to ensure successful outcomes. If you suspect that your animal may require a C-section, it is important to call us promptly to assess the situation and provide the necessary care.

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Are some breeds more likely to need a caesarian?

Yes, certain breeds of animals are more prone to requiring a Caesarean section (C-section) due to anatomical factors or genetic predispositions. In dogs, brachycephalic breeds with short snouts like Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and Pugs often have difficulty giving birth naturally due to their narrow pelvis and large heads.


Similarly, breeds with exceptionally large heads or broad shoulders, such as some breeds of Mastiffs or St. Bernards, may also have a higher likelihood of needing a C-section.

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