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Emergency Care

Pawvet Clinic can provide 24/7 emergency care for your pet when they need it most. 


Have an emergency?

If your pet needs urgent care, call us on 020 8194 3335.

What classifies as an emergency?

  • Respiratory distress (including choking)

  • Collapsing or non-responsive

  • Actively seizing

  • Major bleeding or bleeding that doesn't stop

  • Cyanosis (blue skin or gums)

  • Toxin ingestion (e.g., chocolate, plants, drugs)

  • Foreign body ingestion

  • Seen or suspected trauma

  • Rapid abdominal distension and retching

  • Sudden inability to use limbs

  • Significant behaviour changes

  • Moderate to severe pain

  • Inability to urinate

  • High temperature

  • Neonates — even if mild signs

  • Exotics (birds, reptiles) — please contact the RVC Beaumont Animal Centre (020 7387 8134)

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