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Soft Tissue Surgery

From routine procedures to complex surgeries, we provide comprehensive care to address various conditions and improve the health of your pets.


Our expertise includes procedures such as tumour removal, gastrointestinal surgery, urinary tract surgery, and reconstructive surgeries. We prioritise the well-being of your pets, providing compassionate care before, during, and after surgery.

  • Gastrointestinal Surgery: Procedures like intestinal foreign body removal, gastric dilatation-volvulus (bloat) correction, or resection and anastomosis of the intestines address issues affecting the digestive system.

  • Urinary Tract Surgery: Surgeries like bladder stone removal, urinary tract obstruction correction, or urethrostomy can help treat conditions that affect the urinary system in animals.

  • Hernia Repair: Hernias occur when organs or tissues protrude through a weakened area in the body wall. Surgical repair is often necessary to correct hernias and prevent complications.

  • Wound Reconstruction: Severe lacerations or traumatic injuries may require soft tissue reconstruction to restore proper function and promote healing.

  • Tumour Removal: Soft tissue tumours, such as skin masses or abdominal tumours, may require surgical removal. The surgery aims to remove the tumour while preserving surrounding healthy tissue.


Before surgery

Our lovely Clea had a tumour on her paw


5 weeks post-op

Following her operation, her wound was healing nicely


7 weeks post-op

Bandages off!

All healed and ready to start some physio

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