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Health Plan
Terms and Conditions of Membership

This document sets out the terms and conditions of membership of the Health Plan (HP).  By completing and submitting your HP registration you confirm that you are the legal owner of the pet(s) listed on your registration form and that you wish to enter into a contract for membership of the Health Plan with PAWVET  subject to these terms and conditions.​

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. If you have questions concerning them please raise these with PAWVET before submitting your completed Registration Form.

1. The Annual Services

On submission of your completed registration and payment of the first monthly fee you will be entitled to receive the following benefits for the pet(s) named on your registration form:

Adult (Cat/Dog) Health Plan entitlements ( these will not be used in conjunction with any other offer):

  • Primary vaccination course on sign up or annual booster vaccination (including Kennel cough for dogs) 

  • Annual flea and worm cover as deemed necessary by your PAWVET  vet

  • Video Consult by a qualified veterinary nurse or vet every month

  • Micro chipping


puppy/kitten Health Plan entitlements (these will not be used in conjunction with any other offer):

  • Course of initial vaccinations (including Kennel Cough for dogs)

  • Annual flea and worm cover as deemed necessary.

  • Micro chipping

  • 4 weeks free Petplan free Cover insurance

Rabbit Healthy Pet Club Offer entitlements (not to be used in conjunction with any other offer):

  • Complete myxomatosis & VHD vaccination

  • Nail clipping by a qualified veterinary nurse

  • 1 Rearguard treatment (to prevent flystrike in the warmer months)

Please note that it is your responsibility to utilise the above listed benefits applicable to your HP membership and that you shall not be entitled to any refund in respect of unutilised benefits.

2   Payment

2.1            You agree that you will make monthly payments to PAWVET, Dr Rinat Bytton of the sum shown on your registration form, payable in advance.  The first payment is payable by cash or credit card at the time of your registration being submitted with all subsequent payments payable by Direct Debit.

2.2           PAWVET  reserves the right to increase the monthly payment shown on your registration form in its absolute discretion provided that it gives you not less than one month’s notice in writing of such increase.  If you do not agree with the increase you may terminate your membership with immediate effect by notifying PAWVET HOME in writing within 10 days of receiving notice of the increase.

2.3            If you fail to make any monthly payment on the due date for payment PAWVET  shall be entitled to suspend the provision of goods and services to you until you have paid the overdue sum in full.  Should you fail to do so within 30 days PAWVET shall be entitled to terminate your membership in accordance with clause 2.4.

2.4            If any monthly payment remains unpaid one month after it has become due, PAWVET may terminate your membership with immediate effect by giving notice to you.

2.5            PAWVET  reserves the right to terminate your membership immediately should your account go into arrears.

3   Terms

Unless terminated earlier in accordance with clause 4 your membership of the Health Plan will continue for an initial term of one year. We will write to you after the expiry of the 11th month of this Agreement advising you that your agreement is due for renewal.  If you do not opt to cancel before the expiry of the initial term of one year, your membership shall renew for a new 12 month period and/or until such time as it is terminated by you or PAWVET in accordance with clause 4.

4   Termination of this agreement

4.1           PAWVET  may terminate your membership of the HP at any time (including during the initial term) by giving you notice of termination to take immediate effect if you commit any serious breach of these terms and conditions which shall include failure to meet your payment obligations as set out at clause 2.

4.2            You may terminate your membership of the HP during the initial term of one year by giving PAWVET  notice of termination to take immediate effect if:

(a) you notify PAWVET  of your desire to cancel within FOURTEEN days from the date you joined The HP by giving notice as set out in clause 9 below; or

(b) the Pet(s) named on your registration form die.

4.3            Either you or PAWVET  may terminate your membership by giving one month’s notice to the other at any time after the initial term of one year has expired.

4.4            For the avoidance of any doubt, upon termination of your membership in accordance with the terms of this agreement you will no longer be liable to make any further payments to PAWVET  and will no longer be eligible to receive any of the entitlements listed at clause 1 from PAWVET .

4.5            If you cancel at any time other than on an anniversary of joining the HP or in accordance with clause 4.2 above, you will be required to pay to PAWVET either the outstanding amount for treatment received in the period between the joining date or anniversary of joining (as applicable) and the cancellation date at the full list price or the monthly payments due until the anniversary of your plan, whichever is lower.

5   General conditions applicable to this agreement

5.1            Junior puppy and kitten offer eligible to join up to the age of 6 months. Rabbits can be signed up immediately. 

5.2            It is your responsibility to let the PAWVET  veterinary practice know that you are a member of the HP when you arrange treatment or purchase goods.

5.3            All notices given to PAWVET  under the provisions of this agreement must be in writing and sent to PAWVET

5.4            For the purposes of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 this agreement is not intended to, and does not, give any person who is not a party to it any right to enforce any of its provisions.

5.5            PAWVET  shall only be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a breach of this Agreement.

5.6            For the avoidance of doubt the PAWVET  veterinary practices have absolute discretion as to the medications and treatments provided under the terms of this agreement.

5.7            Your HP plan is not transferrable.

5.8            Where you have provided us with an email address, you agree to accept service of correspondence by email to that address. If you require correspondence to be sent by post then please notify PAWVET  of your preference by writing to it at the address above.

5.9            This agreement is governed by the laws of England & Wales.  The courts of England & Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim or dispute arising under this agreement.

6   Right of Early Repayment

You are entitled to pay the sums due under this Agreement early.  If you wish to make early repayment please contact PAWVET  to make arrangements to pay the balance of the payments due under this Agreement.  In the event of early repayment you will remain entitled to access the Services and benefits listed above until expiry of the Agreement.​

7. Data Protection

7.1 PAWVET  as administrators of the Health plan, take your privacy very seriously and take great care to comply with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation and to protect your personal information including any financial details that you provide.  PAWVET will use your personal information to administer the Health Plan.  It may need to disclose or share your personal information with regulatory authorities for the purpose of fraud preventions and/or to comply with any legal or regulatory requirement.

7.2 If you have any questions about the way PAWVET uses your personal information you should write to

7.3 From time to time PAWVET  may wish to use the details you have provided to advise you of associated products and pet health advice important to your animal’s welfare and of potential interest as a pet owner. If you wish to be informed of these please tick the direct marketing box on the Registration Form or notify PAWVET of your preference by writing to it at the address above.

8. Cancellation 

8.1 You are entitled to withdraw from this Agreement within 14 days of the start date as detailed on the registration form without having to provide any reason.

8.2 You may exercise your right of withdrawal by giving us either written or oral notice. To give written notice of your intention to withdraw from this Agreement please fill in the Cancellation Form below.

8.3 Please note that if you have already used any of the services financed under this Agreement prior to withdrawing from it, you will have 14 days from the date upon which you give notice of withdrawal to pay the Cash Price of the service(s) which you have used and in accordance with clause 4.5 above.




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